How Many Pounds of Refrigerant in a 2 Ton Unit

There are two types of refrigerant, R-22 and R-410A. R-22 is being phased out because it harms the environment. Most new air conditioners use R-410A.

So, how much refrigerant does a 2 ton unit hold? R-22 has a capacity of 40 pounds per 2 tons while R-410A only holds 22 pounds in the same size unit. The Freon is what makes the cool air and pumps it through your vents.

There are different sizes of AC units that hold different amounts of Freon. A one ton unit will have less than half the amount as a five ton unit because they produce less cool air.

The standard 2 ton AC unit uses between 3 and 5 pounds of refrigerant. The amount of refrigerant in a 2 ton unit will vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Some units use more, while others may use less.

It is important to check with your AC unit’s manufacturer to determine how much refrigerant it uses.

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-How Many Pounds of Refrigerant are in a 2 Ton Unit

If you have a 2-ton air conditioner, it will contain about 16 pounds of refrigerant. This is true for most residential AC units. The amount of refrigerant in an AC unit is important because it affects the efficiency of the unit and how well it can cool your home.

Having too little or too much refrigerant can cause problems, so it’s important to keep your AC unit properly charged.

How Many Pounds of Refrigerant in a 2 Ton Unit



Most 2 ton units use between 20 and 30 pounds of refrigerant. Larger units may use up to 50 pounds.

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