Why Did Midna Break the Mirror

When Twilight Princess was first released, many fans were confused by Midna’s decision to break the Mirror of Twilight. Why would she destroy the only way to return to her own world? There are a few possible explanations for Midna’s actions.

One possibility is that Midna no longer wanted to return to her home realm. She had spent so much time in Hyrule and grown attached to Link and Zelda that she didn’t want to leave them behind. Additionally, Midna may have felt responsible for the state of her home world and didn’t want Link or Zelda to see it in its current condition.

By breaking the mirror, she ensured that they could never accidentally stumble into her realm. Another explanation is that Midna knew Ganondorf would eventually come looking for the mirror. If he got his hands on it, he would be able to conquer both Hyrule and the Twilight Realm.

To prevent this from happening, she destroyed the mirror before he could find it. Finally, it’s also possible that Midna simply wanted to protect Link and Zelda from herself. Throughout Twilight Princess, she constantly puts them in danger while trying to help them defeat Ganondorf.

By breaking the mirror, she cut off her own access to Hyrule and ensured they would be safe from her influence.

When Midna first appears in Twilight Princess, she is a mysterious figure who helps Link on his quest. She seems to have her own agenda, and is often frustratingly vague about her past and her motives. However, over the course of the game, Midna begins to open up to Link, and the two form a strong bond.

So it’s all the more heartbreaking when, near the end of the game, Midna is forced to break the Mirror of Twilight – which not only destroys her home world but also severs her connection with Link. Why would she do something so seemingly self-destructive? There are several possible explanations for why Midna broke the Mirror of Twilight.

The most likely reason is that she had no choice – if she hadn’t destroyed the mirror, Ganondorf would have used it to invade Hyrule and conquer it completely. By breaking the mirror, Midna was sacrificing her own happiness in order to protect her people. Another possibility is that Midna was trying to protect Link from himself.

At this point in the game, Link has been through a lot – he’s faced danger and darkness on numerous occasions, and has even been possessed by Ganondorf at one point. It’s possible that Midna saw destroying the mirror as a way to keep Link from being drawn into darkness again. Whatever her reasons may have been, there’s no denying that breaking the mirror was a selfless act on Midna’s part.

She knew what it would cost her – both emotionally and physically – but she did it anyway because she felt it was necessary. In doing so, she proved herself to be a true friend and ally to Link…and ensured that Ganondorf would never be able to harm Hyrule again.

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Why Did Midna Break the Mirror

When Midna first meets Link, she is under a spell cast by Zant that has transformed her into an imp-like creature. She is resentful and bitter towards Link, believing that he is responsible for her transformation. However, over the course of their adventure together, Midna grows to trust and care for Link.

When they finally defeat Zant and return to the Twilight Realm, Midna is reverted back to her true form. However, upon returning home, Midna discovers that her people have been subjugated by Ganondorf and his forces. In order to save them, she decides to sacrifice herself by breaking the Mirror of Twilight – a magical artifact that links the two realms – which will also prevent Ganondorf from ever entering the Twilight Realm again.

Although it pains her to do so, she knows that it’s the only way to protect her people.

What Caused Midna to Break the Mirror

The Twilight Princess is a dark and mature game, compared to previous entries in the Zelda series. One of the most controversial aspects of the game was the decision to have one of the main characters, Midna, break the Mirror of Twilight. This act has been interpreted by many players as an act of betrayal, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

It is important to understand Midna’s character and motivation before passing judgement on her actions. Midna is not a evil person, but she is fiercely independent and does not take kindly to being bossed around or used as a tool. She originally allied with Link in order to save her own people, the Twili, from being trapped in twilight forever.

However, as she got to know Link and saw him risking his life time and time again to save Hyrule, she developed genuine feelings for him. When Zant offered her a chance to rule over Hyrule alongside him, she was tempted for a moment before realizing that he was just using her and that Link would never accept such an offer. This led to their final confrontation, where Zant broke the Mirror of Twilight in anger after Midna rejected him.

While it may seem likeMidna brokethe Mirror out of spite or anger, it was actually done in orderto protectLinkandHyrulefromZant’s tyranny.

How Did Breaking the Mirror Affect Midna

When Midna broke the Mirror of Twilight, it not only shattered the link between the Twilight Realm and Hyrule, but also damaged her own soul. As a result, she was forced to remain in her transformed state and could no longer return to her true form. In addition, the breakage caused Midna to lose all of her memories from before she entered the Twilight Realm.

Why Did Midna Break the Mirror

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is full of memorable moments, but one in particular stands out for its emotional power. Near the end of the game, main character Midna breaks the Mirror of Twilight, which had been her only way to return home. She does this in order to prevent antagonist Ganondorf from using it to travel between worlds and wreak havoc.

Many fans were left wondering why Midna would make such a selfless act, given that she had just regained her true form and was about to be reunited with her people. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Midna’s decision makes perfect sense. For one thing, Midna has come to care deeply for the people of Hyrule, whom she has grown close to over the course of her adventure.

She knows that if Ganondorf is allowed to roam freely between worlds, he will eventually find and destroy her homeland. By breaking the mirror, she ensures that he can never reach it. In addition, Midna has learned firsthand how dangerous it is for different worlds to mix.

When she first came to Hyrule through the mirror, she caused all sorts of problems by accidentally bringing creatures from her world with her. She doesn’t want to risk doing that again – even if it means never seeing her home or family again. Ultimately, Midna’s decision is a selfless one made in an effort to protect those she cares about.

It’s yet another example of how far she’s come since we first met her as a resentful imp at the beginning of Twilight Princess.

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