Why Doesn’T Aritzia Have Mirrors

I was in Aritzia the other day, and I noticed that there were no mirrors. I thought this was really odd, because most stores have mirrors. I asked one of the employees why there are no mirrors, and she told me that it’s because they want people to focus on the clothes, not their reflection.

I can see how this makes sense from a business perspective. If people are looking at themselves in the mirror, they’re not looking at the clothes. But I think it’s also kind of weird and off-putting.

It makes me feel like I can’t really see what I look like in the clothes before I buy them.

We all know the feeling of walking into a fitting room and being greeted by a sea of mirrors. It can be daunting, but it’s also necessary in order to try on clothes. So why doesn’t Aritzia have mirrors in their fitting rooms?

There are a few possible explanations. First, Aritzia is a Canadian company and maybe they just haven’t gotten around to installing mirrors yet (though I find this unlikely). Second, it could be that they’re trying to create a more intimate shopping experience.

By not having mirrors, shoppers are forced to rely on the sales associates for feedback about how an outfit looks. This could lead to more personal conversations and ultimately more sales. Or it could be that Aritzia just doesn’t want their clothes to be tried on at all!

Maybe they believe that shoppers will make better decisions if they can only imagine how an item looks on them. This way, there’s less risk of returns and exchanges. Whatever the reason, not having mirrors in the fitting room is definitely unusual.

It’s something to think about next time you’re shopping at Aritzia!

i tried on the LARGEST size at Aritzia… (inside the fitting room!)

Why Doesn’T Aritzia Have Mirrors

Aritzia is a high-end fashion retailer that specializes in quality clothing and accessories for women. The company was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1984 and has since expanded to include stores across North America. One of the things that sets Aritzia apart from other retailers is their lack of mirrors.

This may seem like a strange choice, but there are actually several reasons why Aritzia doesn’t use mirrors in their stores. One reason is that Aritzia wants customers to focus on the clothes, not their reflection. The company believes that mirrors can be distracting and take away from the overall shopping experience.

Without mirrors, customers are able to really see the clothes and how they look on the racks, which makes it easier to find something they love. Additionally, not having mirrors means that customers have to rely on the staff for help when it comes to finding the right size or fit. This can create a more personal shopping experience and builds trust between customer and sales associate.

Another reason Aritzia avoids using mirrors is because they want shoppers to feel comfortable trying things on without judgement. Many people feel self-conscious about their appearance when standing in front of a mirror, which can discourage them from trying new styles or taking risks with their wardrobe. without mirrors, shoppers can feel free to experiment with different looks without feeling self-conscious or judged.

How Can I Try on Clothes at Aritzia If There are No Mirrors

There are a few ways that you can try on clothes at Aritzia without mirrors. One way is to ask a sales associate for help. They can hold up the clothing item so that you can see how it looks on you.

Another way is to use your smartphone or camera to take a picture of yourself in the clothing item. You can then step back and take a look at the picture to see how the clothing looks on you.

What is the Reason for Not Having Mirrors in Store

There are a few reasons for stores not to have mirrors. One reason is that store owners don’t want customers to spend too much time in the store. If customers are looking at themselves in the mirror, they may be more likely to stay in the store longer.

Another reason is that some store owners believe that having mirrors makes the store look messy or cluttered. Finally, some people believe that mirrors can be bad for business because they reflect negative energy.

Why Doesn'T Aritzia Have Mirrors

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Aritzia, a popular Canadian clothing store, does not have mirrors in any of its locations. The company’s founder, Brian Hill, believes that mirrors are unnecessary and even harmful to the shopping experience. He feels that they force people to focus on their physical appearance, which can lead to negative self-image and body shaming.

Additionally, Hill believes that mirrors take away from the fun and excitement of trying on new clothes. Without them, shoppers are free to experiment with different styles and silhouettes without judgement.

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